Some last minute goals!

The marathon is almost here! 2 more days! I can’t believe it! I thought I would list some goals for the big day before things get really hectic in NYC tomorrow. Here they are:

1. FINISH!- Above all, I absolutely want to finish the 26.2 miles and cross the finish line in Central Park.

2.Don’t stop- I want to finish the marathon without stopping or walking. Once I stop running, it’s much harder to start up again.

3.Keep a solid pace-Lately I have been running 10 to 11 minute miles. What I am most afraid of is getting caught up in the crowds and the excitement, and running much faster than my regular pace for the first couple miles so that I get exhausted for the last couple miles. I need to make sure to pace myself at the beginning so that I can keep going at the end.

4.Keep a positive attitude- No matter how tired I am, how sore I am or how much I want to stop and give up, I need to keep a positive mentality and keep going.

5.Remember why I am running- I am running the marathon for a wonderful cause! I am helping people like my Uncle Rick who have spinal cord injuries.

6.Enjoy it!- This is a once in a lifetime experience. Be happy to be apart of it! Take it all in.

Oh you know, I’m just on the homepage of the Christopher Reeve website, no big deal.

It’s awesome to be recognized for all my hard work. Thanks to everyone who has helped me raise funds for such a great cause!

“At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable.”

Christopher Reeve


I got a lot of fun stuff in the mail today from home! Including all of my favorite things and the NYC marathon official handbook. So exciting! Thanks family! <3

YUM! Wheat bread, nutella, crunchy peanut butter, chai tea, arnold palmer, peach rings, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter m&m’s! BEST PACKAGE EVER!

The Handbook has all kinds of important stuff, such as a map of the course, my departure time (10:40 AM), water station info and fun stuff, like that there are 130 bands along the course and that Apolo Ohno is running the race too! 

I got my registration form today!

I have my race number, start time and corral number… whoa, this feels real now! 

It’s getting close…

I am getting SO excited for marathon weekend! From here on out, I have shorter runs until the big day. I did my 15 mile run yesterday, and things went smoothly.  It’s amazing that back in August, 15 miles would have seemed impossible, and now it’s no big deal.  I am sure that the marathon is going to be tough, but I’m confident that I have prepared well for it. 

From here on out, my biggest focus will be on fundraising. I am SOOO appreciative of everyone who has made a donation so far. It’s amazing to have so much love and support.  A huge thank you goes out my fellow Lancaster Country Day Field Hockey players and the fabulous coach Heim, who organized a bake sale and donated all the funds from the Homecoming dance to Team Reeve. They helped me push past the $2,000 mark! Only $2,000 more to go. 

Here’s a picture of LCDS Field Hockey team! So cute.

A picture of part of the team, back in the day…we had so much fun!

Thanks again ladies, I love and miss you!

Team Reeve NYC Marathon Video 2010- Dad makes an appearance!